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Spreading the word about English Wine. is a wine tourism company with a difference, we use highly qualified (WSET level 3/4) tour guides, who are further trained to fully understand the workings of vineyards and wineries in England, and the effects the choices, made by vineyard managers and winemakers, have on the finished wine, and of course the big story of the moment, climate change.

We aren't affiliated to any vineyards or wine producers other than to use their facilities to run our tours, this is very important if your buying the tour as a gift for someone, you can be confident your sending them on a genuinely informative and enjoyable tour, .

We are just about spreading the word about English Wine.

Click here to see details of what our tours cover.

Our tours are all around 2.25hrs including tasting with local cheeses. 

Tours run from April 6th on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00 and 14:00 and cost £35 per person.

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